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    Table of contents
    1. 1. Creating a wiki
    2. 2. Editing the wiki

    A wiki allows for the creation of interlinked web pages containing information which can be collaboratively created and edited by one or many users, using a simplifies markup language or a WYSIWYG text editor. eFront has built a wiki module, which can be used by professors to place a wiki within the lessons.

    Creating a wiki

    Once enabled by the professor within a particular lesson, by clicking on "administration" option within the lesson and then on the "wiki module" option to activate it, the wiki module will be available on the options page of the activated lesson.

    Clicking on the wiki option on the lesson options page, as a professor, the following screen will appear:


    This will create a wiki, where the professor and students of the lesson can add and edit information.

    Editing the wiki

    Professor can add or edit information on the wiki by simply clicking on the wiki module within the relevant lesson and adding the information. A help guide is available within the wiki to assist users with various editing formats and options.

    Students who participate in the wiki enabled lesson, will see the following when entering the lesson homepage:


    Clicking on this wiki link, students will be taken to the wiki page where they can see the information written by their professor and any user replies, as shown below:


    In order to add information, students simply have to click on the edit option on the top right and add the information they want using the editor, with the assistance of the "basic help" option for formatting options.

    In order to determine who added what information, professors and students can click on the "History" option, which will shown the information according to the user which added it, as shown below:


    As shown above, professors can see who added the information, thus meaning that they can use this wiki module not only as another means of knowledge transfer but also a means for assessment which can be checked by the other students and promote collaborative knowledge transfer.

    Once the additional information has been added, the wiki page will look as follows:


    Although there is no visible difference between the text entered by varying users, by clicking on the history button, shown above, users can see exactly who incorporated the information.

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